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Delete Program Preferences in OS X (Including Cache)

Often while debugging an app it’s handy to delete its preferences so it will “start over” like a fresh install. You used to be able to find the .plist file in the Preferences folder and delete it. Simple. Starting with OS X 10.9, preferences are cached. So even after deleting them, they’re still around. Here’s […]

Pearce v Rairdin

This is the seventh in what has turned out to be a series of articles. Here is the sixth, and here is the first. Helen has been telling people not to pay attention to what they read on this website because I am “currently being investigated for cyberstalking/cyberbullying and court proceedings are being taken against” […]

Osceola County Victim Report Form

This is the sixth in what turned into a series of articles. Here is the fifth and here is the seventh. If you are a victim of one of Helen Joanne Pearce’s scams, either as someone who rented a home or one who had one for sale, we need you to prepare a “victim statement” […]

What’s Wrong With Christian Music?

We recently sang a song during our Sunday morning worship service that prompted me to do some research. Here’s the song: Friend of God © Israel Houghton, 2003 Verse 1 Who am I that You are mindful of me That You hear me when I call Is it true that You are thinking of me […]

Why I Don’t Care About Swift

Swift is a new programming language created by Apple for use on OS X and iOS devices. The programming world is agog. Apple’s fantastic new language apparently solves all their problems, as evidenced, they say, by the fact that some programmer ported Flappy Birds to it in a few hours. I’ve been around long enough […]

Helen Joanne Pearce Companies and Aliases

This is the fifth in what turned into a series of articles. Here is the fourth and here is the next. I’m going to use this post to keep an up-to-date list of the company names, aliases, and addresses Helen and Matt are using. If you have been doing business with any one of these […]

Helen Chooses the Wrong Guy to Scam

This is the fourth in what turned into a series of articles. Here is the third, and here is the next. I am updating this article as the subject matter develops. Updates are at the bottom of this article! It’s been about a year since I first reported on a phone call I received from “JJ […]

Properties of Uninitialized Session Variables in ASP Classic

From time to time I have to remind myself of the following inscrutable facts, so here they are for posterity: Given an uninitialized Session variable: IsEmpty(Session(“asdfasdf”)) = True IsNull(Session(“asdfasdf”)) = False IsNumeric(Session(“asdfasdf”)) = True Session(“asdfasdf”) = “” in an “if” statement returns True This indicates that a completely uninitialized value appears to be both an […]

Enabling Web Inspector in Web-Kit WebViews in OS X Apps

You can turn on Safari’s Web Inspector functionality in any app that uses WebView to display HTML. First, enable the Developer menu in Safari’s preferences. Then enter the following command in Terminal: defaults write com.example.myApp WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true Where com.example.myApp is the bundle identifier for the app. Launch the app, right-click in the WebView, and […]

Symbolicating iOS and OS X Apps

Many of the errors that happen in Mac OS X and iOS apps don’t actually crash the app, they just dump a stack trace to the console. You can view these using the Console app — select the System Log and you’ll see all the messages the app sends to the console. Unfortunately, these stack […]