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Helen Chooses the Wrong Guy to Scam

It’s been about a year since I first reported on a phone call I received from “JJ Pierce” from Flat Stone Capital. Since then, I’ve received comments and emails from a couple dozen people who have been taken in or nearly taken in by her scam. For those who don’t remember, the idea is this: […]

Properties of Uninitialized Session Variables in ASP Classic

From time to time I have to remind myself of the following inscrutable facts, so here they are for posterity: Given an uninitialized Session variable: IsEmpty(Session(“asdfasdf”)) = True IsNull(Session(“asdfasdf”)) = False IsNumeric(Session(“asdfasdf”)) = True Session(“asdfasdf”) = “” in an “if” statement returns True This indicates that a completely uninitialized value appears to be both an […]

Enabling Web Inspector in Web-Kit WebViews in OS X Apps

You can turn on Safari’s Web Inspector functionality in any app that uses WebView to display HTML. First, enable the Developer menu in Safari’s preferences. Then enter the following command in Terminal: defaults write com.example.myApp WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true Where com.example.myApp is the bundle identifier for the app. Launch the app, right-click in the WebView, and […]

Symbolicating iOS and OS X Apps

Many of the errors that happen in Mac OS X and iOS apps don’t actually crash the app, they just dump a stack trace to the console. You can view these using the Console app — select the System Log and you’ll see all the messages the app sends to the console. Unfortunately, these stack […]

Overriding Scrollbar Behavior in OS X

I recently ran into a situation where I wanted to significantly customize the behavior of a scrollbar in a Cocoa WebView and was disappointed in how little access I had to it. There are two factors that complicated my situation. First was the fact that the text I was displaying in the WebView was being […]

Excluding Myself From the Vibram Settlement

Earlier this month, Vibram — makers of FiveFingers “toe shoes” — announced a settlement in a lawsuit in which they were accused of misleading their customers about the virtues of their FiveFingers shoes for runners. The claimants were apparently injured during transition to running in the shoes, and argued that Vibram made false claims about […]

More Fun with JJ (Helen Pearce)

A reader commented yesterday that she had been contacted by “Faith Stuart” of FS Capital LLC who wanted to buy her home. After connecting the dots, we concluded this is none other than our friend JJ (Helen Joanne Pearce). Taking a look at her site at www.fscapitalllc.com, I noticed a slide show of recently sold […]

Craig 1, Hacker 0

When you purchase a product from our website, you click on a link to download it. The link appears to be legit — just a regular link to a file on our server. But it’s not. The file does not actually exist. We intercept the link and parse it to determine what to download to […]

Meet JJ Pierce, Real Estate Magnate

Is this the face behind the phone call? A Facebook friend forwarded a link to a Facebook profile for Helen Pearce that has a number of suspicious similarities to our friend JJ Pierce of Flat Stone Capital. According to her profile, she’s married to Matt Pearce and they live in Celebration, FL. I think this […]

Flat Stone Capital LLC Calls Craig a “Fool” For Dissing Their Offer

For those of you following this story, the latest information is at the bottom of the page, including a list of other companies which may or may not be related to JJ. In addition to Flat Stone Capital and Redfield Holdings, these include Mary Jones Projects Inc., JEP Genesis LLC, KACW Investments Inc., In Faith […]