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The Ends Seldom Justify the Means

The ends seldom justify the means. You need to decide if it is morally and legally right or wrong for the government to capture information about every phone call you make and every email you send without considering *why* they’re doing it. For example, the government can’t force you to worship (or not worship) a […]

What the Law Can’t Do

The purpose of the law is not to make people good, but to define what is wrong. Without law, nothing is “wrong” no matter how much it offends your sensibilities or deprives you of life or property. Law does not make bad people good. Law does not change who people are, nor does it, by […]

Final Thoughts Before the 2012 Iowa Caucuses

In a couple days, we Iowa Republicans will gather in churches, schools, and living rooms to elect representatives to our county conventions and county Republican Central Committees, propose planks for the Republican platform, and write a candidate’s name on a scrap of paper and drop it in a hat to select our candidate for President […]

Tax the Rich!

The “tax the rich” fallacy: If we tax the top 0.1% of taxpayers ($1.8 million and above) at 100%, the net new revenue to the government would be $640 billion. Obama is currently spending $8.8 billion per day. So if we CONFISCATE 100% of the income of the super-rich, we could keep Obama afloat for […]