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Why I Don’t Care About Swift

Swift is a new programming language created by Apple for use on OS X and iOS devices. The programming world is agog. Apple’s fantastic new language apparently solves all their problems, as evidenced, they say, by the fact that some programmer ported Flappy Birds to it in a few hours. I’ve been around long enough […]

Implementing Interprocess Locking with SQL Server

I suppose everyone does this and I just haven’t heard about it. I don’t get out much, so it seems cool to me. When we redesigned our company website (www.laridian.com) a couple years back, I needed a way to automatically update best-seller lists, new releases, and other dynamic data on the site without relying on […]

Handy SQL Server Snippets

There are a few SQL Server tasks I do infrequently and always forget the syntax. I’m going to start collecting them here. ALTER TABLE ExistingTable ADD NewColumn INT NOT NULL DEFAULT(0) WITH VALUES This adds a new column with a default value of 0, and populates existing rows with 0 in the new column. ALTER […]